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Directory: Taxi Pick Up Service in Metro Manila

12:17 PM by Metro Manila Directions · 403 comments

Are you going home late at night in Metro Manila, tired from work or not sober anymore from partying? Do you have a flight to catch early in the morning the next day and afraid that you might not be able to find a cab around the area by that time? Did you go shopping on a pay day and just couldn't carry all the shopping bags going home around Metro Manila? Or tomorrow's going to be number coding day and you need a car service?

If any of these three questions was answered YES, then you might want to consider getting a taxi pickup service.

How does taxi pick up service work? These taxis are interconnected via a two-way radio paging system, which means while you are on the phone with the operator, he/she will radio all units and ask if there is an available taxi nearby you area. Once a driver acknowledges that he is around the vicinity, the operator will give the address to the driver and will confirm to you the arrival of the pickup service.

Taxi Pick up service contact numbers in Metro Manila:
  • 24/7 Taxi: 642-3525; 634-5980
  • ABC: 454-8717
  • Avis: 831-27-01
  • Basic Taxi: 900-1447; 900-1448; 643-7777
  • Crownstar Taxi: 747-3064
  • Dollar: 921-2383; 927-8718
  • EMP Taxi: 293-5930; 293-5931; 291-7005
  • Hyatt Taxi: 807-0707
  • MGE Transport: 363-6096; 364-8260; 366-6287; 366-6214
  • Nine Stars: 330-1654; 362-9089; 362-1890
  • R&E: 362-9089; 364-9058; 330-1654
  • Reno: 931-3272; 931-2681
  • Sturdy Taxi: 330-3568; 361-1282
  • Tai Taxi: 801-1093
  • Trends Taxi: 822-9345; 823-8951; 821-4685
  • Xavierville: 788-0204; 826-1769

1. Make sure to ask around your area first on what taxi service is best to take. There are feedbacks that in a certain area, some taxi services might be more accessible than others, particularly because the taxis' headquarters is located in that area. If you cannot decide on what service company to take, you can call the Taxi Dispatch 373-TAXI (8294); the operators might be able to give you a good idea on which to take.
2. Most of these pick-up services have additional fees of 35 to 100 pesos, so make sure to ask the operator how much you will be adding to the regular metered fare.
3. Always, always, always check if the meter is flagged down. This assures you at the very least that the fare would be based on the meter.
4. If you are satisfied with the service of the taxi that you rode, make sure to jot down or save on your phonebook the name and contact number of that taxi company so you will have someone to call if there's a need to take the service again.

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Also,one can say taxis like these are safe because of their established image and branding. Aside from that, the two-way radio is sort of a security I've heard firsthand stories from drivers themselves about their fellow driver getting robbed and after getting radio'd all of them will rush to the scene and chase the robbers. They also make share to everyone in the network any possible road accidents or detours that they have seen so their fellow drivers would be warned ahead of time.

Do you have any additional cab pick up service numbers to add or recommended taxi service company? Please let us know through the comment box below.

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