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Makati Transportation Map - Jeepney, Bus, and MRT Routes

6:18 AM by Metro Manila Directions · 493 comments

Makati is the busiest city in Metro Manila in terms of financial and commercial activities. The city is home to the central business district and offers a lot of opportunities to would-be employees as well as new businesses. Large event areas and shopping centers are also found in this city.

The city is home to the following major landmarks, Ayala Center, Magallanes, Makati Avenue, Greenbelt, Ayala Avenue, Guadalupe, Buendia, and many more.

How Do I Get To Places In Metro Manila provides the embedded jeepney, bus, and MRT routes map* of Makati City. This will show all the available bus, jeepney, and MRT routes and terminals in Makati City. For additional information, see the route codes below the map.
(To zoom click on FullScreen on upper right hand corner)

This map will be very helpful for those commuting to and around Makati and seeking jobs as well as those who will just pass their application letters in Makati. Hope How Do I Get To Places In Metro Manila? has helped you commute to Makati!

To better aid you with the map, the jeepney route codes have been provided below:

jeepney, MRT, and bus routes in Makati City

J01 Ayala - Mantrade
J02 Ayala - Pateros
J03 Ayala - Washington
J04 Ayala - Zapote
J05 Ayala Loop
J06 Bel-Air - Washington
J07 Dian - Libertad
J08 Dominga - Edison - Pasay
J09 Evangelista - Libertad
J10 FTI - Waltermart/Pasay Road
J11 Guadalupe - AFP-Housing
J12 Guadalupe - Ayala
J13 Guadalupe - Cartimar
J14 Gaudalupe - Crossing
J15 Guadalupe - Del Pan
J16 Guadalupe - Fort Bonifacio
J17 Guadalupe - FTI
J18 Guadalupe - L.Guinto
J19 Guadalupe - Masilang
J20 Guadalupe - Pateros
J21 Kamagong - Malugay
J22 Kayamanan C - EDSA
J23 Makati Ave. - Burgos - L.Guinto
J24 Makati Loop
J25 Pasay Road - Libertad
J26 PRC - Mantrade - Kayamanan C
J27 PRC - Pasay - Libertad
J28 South Forbes - Gate 2 - EDSA
J29 Washington - Libertad
J30 Washington - Mantrade

Provided below are the codes of bus route passing through Makati:

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Additional legends are found below:<br />
<br />
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B1 Bus passing through EDSA mainly
B2 Bus passing through EDSA then South Super Highway (SLEX)
B3 Bus passing through EDSA - Ayala - Buendia to Manila
B4 Bus passing through South Super Highway only (SLEX)
FB The Fort Bus

Additional legends found on the map:

This legend would provide more information on symbols used in the map such as jeepney terminals, MRT terminals, and bus terminals, as well as line routes. It also shows landmarks such as schools, government agencies, and hotels.

*Ayala Loop passes through the following streets: Paseo De Roxas, Legaspi, Dela Rosa, Herrera, Esteban, Salcedo, and Benavidez. The route also crosses the following: Sotto, Gamboa, Adelantado Gil, Bolanos, Rada, Amorsolo, Castro, Aguirre, and Ozmasa.
*Many thanks to the Japan International Cooperation Agency for this very helpful map. How Do I Get To Places In Metro Manila is still looking for maps that can showcase routes available in other cities in Metro Manila. Any suggestions or contributions are well appreciated.

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