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How To Get To Rockwell?

9:41 PM by Metro Manila Directions · 96 comments

Rockwell Center is an upscale land project in Makati City. Formally a thermal plant owned by its current owners, the Lopezes, the area was converted into a multi-purpose area focusing on prime features such as shopping mall, schools, and residential condominiums. The area sits on the border of Makati on one side of Pasig River. Though not as crowded and much visited yet compared to its neighbors, Ayala, The Fort, and Ortigas, Rockwell maintains a patronizing set of visitors.

Rockwell is home to the following attractions:

1. Power Plant Mall - a four-level shopping mall that houses stores for international and local specialty brands, Rustan's supermarket, restaurants and cinemas.
2. Entertainment and dining venues such as Rockwell Tent, The Loft at Manansala, Rocky's Bar and Cafe, Le Souffle (at Fernando's), and Palm Grove. Very ideal events place for colorful bazaars, corporate events, family celebrations, and extravagant fashion and design shows.
3. Residential buildings include Joya Lofts and Towers, The West Block, and The Manansala
4. Schools such as the Ateneo Professional Schools (including Ateneo Government, Law, and Business School), Colegio de Santa Rosa, Makati Elementary School, and Makati Science High School is also within the area.
5. Lopez Center - Soon to rise building, which wants to capture the "tallest building" prestige (currently on hold)

Directions on how to commute or travel to Rockwell:

From the Manila/CaMaNaVa area:
Option 1. Ride an LRT 1 Yellow Line bound for Taft and go down at EDSA-Taft station. Ride an MRT northbound or bus bound for Fairview/Monumento and go down at Guadalupe. You can ride a jeepney passing through Rockwell (through the routes Guadalupe-Ayala, Guadalupe-Del Pan, or Guadalupe-L.Guinto). 
Option 2. Ride an LRT 1 Yellow Line bound for Taft and go down at Doroteo Jose. Transfer to LRT 2 Purple Line via Recto Station and then go down at Cubao. Transfer to MRT via the Araneta-Cubao Station and go down at Guadalupe Station. You can ride a jeepney passing through Rockwell (through the routes Guadalupe-Ayala, Guadalupe-Del Pan, or Guadalupe-L.Guinto). 
Option 3. Ride an LRT 1 Yellow Line bound for Taft and go down at Doroteo Jose. Transfer to LRT 2 Purple Line via Recto Station and then go down at Cubao. Ride a bus bound for Baclaran, MIA, Alabang or FTI and get down at Guadalupe. You can ride a jeepney passing through Rockwell (through the routes Guadalupe-Ayala, Guadalupe-Del Pan, or Guadalupe-L.Guinto). 
Option 4. Ride a Pasig River Ferry and go down at Guadalupe.  You can ride a jeepney passing through Rockwell (through the routes Guadalupe-Ayala, Guadalupe-Del Pan, or Guadalupe-L.Guinto). 

From the North (Quezon City, Pasig area):
Option 1. Ride a bus bound for Baclaran, MIA, Alabang or FTI and get down at Guadalupe. You can ride a jeepney passing through Rockwell (through the routes Guadalupe-Ayala, Guadalupe-Del Pan, or Guadalupe-L.Guinto). 
Option 2. Ride a bus bound for Baclaran, MIA, Alabang or FTI and get down at Estrella. You can ride a service cab that goes around Rockwell via the information center at the corner of Estrella and EDSA.
Option 3. Ride an MRT bound for Taft and get down at Guadalupe Station. You can ride a jeepney passing through Rockwell (through the routes Guadalupe-Ayala, Guadalupe-Del Pan, or Guadalupe-L.Guinto). 
Option 4. Ride a Guadalupe-Crossing jeepney from Boni Avenue, Pioneer, or Shaw Crossing and  go down at Guadalupe. You can ride a jeepney passing through Rockwell (through the routes Guadalupe-Ayala, Guadalupe-Del Pan, or Guadalupe-L.Guinto).  
From the south (Alabang/Muntinlupa Area):
Option 1. Ride a bus bound for Fairview/Monumento and go down at Guadalupe. You can ride a jeepney passing through Rockwell (through the routes Guadalupe-Ayala, Guadalupe-Del Pan, or Guadalupe-L.Guinto). 
Option 2. Ride an MRT northbound and go down at Guadalupe. You can ride a jeepney passing through Rockwell (through the routes Guadalupe-Ayala, Guadalupe-Del Pan, or Guadalupe-L.Guinto). 
From the Taguig-Pateros area, ride a jeepney bound for Guadalupe (either from C-5 or Market! Market!) and ride a jeepney passing through Rockwell (through the routes Guadalupe-Ayala, Guadalupe-Del Pan, or Guadalupe-L.Guinto).

For private vehicles, you can access Rockwell via EDSA southbound through Estrella Street. This is the first street from Guadalupe Seminary (landmark would be a footbridge). From inside Makati, one can take Kalayaan Street via Makati Avenue-P. Burgos or J.P. Rizal, both will lead to Rockwell Center.

Of course, you can ride a taxicab from any point in Metro Manila and ask the driver to drop you off at "Power Plant Makati" or "Rockwell Center". Note that from EDSA, the turn should be done at Estrella Street.

Here's a map around Rockwell Makati via Google Maps:

A lot of business establishments and offices can also be found around the area, namely: Nestle, Phinma, SC Johnson, and Colgate-Palmolive Philippines.

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96 Responses to "How To Get To Rockwell?"
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Metro Manila Directions said...
January 6, 2012 at 12:43 AM

Hi, you can use this as guide to The Grove by Rockwell. http://www.metromaniladirections.com/2010/05/how-to-get-to-tiendesitas.html

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February 23, 2024 at 9:55 PM

The future-value-table-creator is a versatile tool for projecting asset growth and investment returns. With its intuitive interface, users can generate comprehensive tables to visualize future financial scenarios effortlessly.

Anonymous said...

February 26, 2024 at 5:17 AM

Респіраторні ускладнення: серед ускладнень цього захворювання можна відзначити інфекції легенів, такі як ателектаз (застій легень) і апопексія (зменшення кількості кисню в крові).

2. Очні ускладнення: також можуть виникнути такі ускладнення, як запалення та набряк рогівки, а в деяких випадках – постійні ускладнення, такі як втрата зору та сліпота.

3. Мозкові ускладнення: це включає запалення головного мозку (енцефаліт) і запалення головного мозку (енцефаломієліт), які можуть мати серйозні наслідки для здоров'я.
Докладніше про це

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