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10 New Year's Resolutions for Metro Manila for 2012

11:10 AM by Metro Manila Directions · 30 comments

First of all, happy New Year!!!

2012. Another year, another chance to make things a bit better, if not perfect. So while you're listing down or already living your New Year's resolution, we also listed down our own version of New Year's resolutions, but for Metro Manila. We asked readers to tell us what they think should be included in this list as well. At some point, we realized that this isn't actually a set of resolutions, but more of wishes. Nevertheless, we feel that this list sums up our daily agonies. So if you agree, please tweet, post, and share.

For 2012, we hope:
1. That Metro Manila will be more traveler-friendly. As a start, more signposts. Seriously. Meaningful ones – not those signs along C5 that tell us that a certain building on Ayala Avenue has the same significance as Alabang. Also, more unified rules or simply speaking, more consistency across the cities and the municipality of Pateros.

2. That there will be more disciplined buses along EDSA. We understand that it would be hard to regulate them through a public agency that's why they're still privatized until now. But please, the number of buses on EDSA is way too much to handle. We hope that the MMDA be more stern in apprehending buses that do not follow the yellow lane rule. Are we going to waste money on concrete paint?

3. That we enjoy a more efficient train system. We are thankful that the rail systems (MRT, LRT1, LRT2, PNR) in the Metro are already connected but of course, we can do better. Considering that hundreds of thousands of commuters ride the trains every month, maybe DOTC can take a look at a more efficient ticketing system, controlled rush hour flow, and frequent train rotation.

4. That we find more ways to manage the traffic situation in the Metro. We know that the MMDA is trying its best to control traffic, one of which being the number coding system. However, we are not really sure how effective it is now, especially since every day, when we think that 20% of the vehicles are banned from the streets, we don't really feel any difference.

5. That road widening, construction, repair, or whatever-our-congressmen-or-DPWH-would-like-to-call-it will be more motorist-friendly. Bottlenecks happen when there's some project going on and it takes twice the amount of time to travel. We also hope the anti-epal bill gets signed this 2012!

6. That [connected to #5] you do road projects when it's not raining. We do not know why you want to do it during the rainy season when vehicle volume sort of doubles and traffic seems to be slower.

7. That roads become more pedestrian-friendly. Pedestrians do not have the means to safely cross the road, therefore, they play with life and death whenever they cross the street. There aren't enough footbridges and in this country and drivers think that they are more important than the pedestrians. Sidewalks are used more for made-up stalls, parking spaces, or beautified ornaments, and not for walking travelers. [Case in point: Why is there a pedestrian lane on C-5/Greenmeadows?]

8. That [connected to #7], pedestrians don't just cross the road wherever and whenever they want to. Use the pedestrian lane, wait for the "walk" signal, and use the footbridges (you paid for those with your taxes).

9. That drivers use their signal lights. If they're not going to use them, let's just smash them.

10. That our beloved government agencies find ways to lower the toll fees. Enough said.

That’s it. Do you have other things to wish for this year? Add them through the comments section below. Once again, thanks for the support - your one and only source of directions on the web. :)

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30 Responses to "10 New Year's Resolutions for Metro Manila for 2012"
Anonymous said...

January 1, 2012 at 11:23 PM

I agree with the list. Even if we only do one per year, that will be big change already.

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