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Travel Tips (Part 2) - Googly Gooey Style!

2:13 AM by Metro Manila Directions · 38 comments

And now here's Part 2 of the travel tips brought to you by MetroManilaDirections.com and illustrated by our awesome and talented friends from GooglyGooeys.com. Check out Part 1 in case you missed it or if you want a refresher:)

So again, remember:
6. Only bring what you need!
7. Budget your trip
8. Get some rest before you travel
9. If it's a foreign territory, bring a map with you
10.Enjoy! Leave your worries behind and focus on your travel

Once again, thanks so much Ponggo and Tipsy for this wonderful collab! :) Hoping for more amazing illustrations from you guys! And everyone, remember, it's more fun in the Philippines, but you make it more more fun if you follow our Travel Tips:)

Click here for Part 1

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38 Responses to "Travel Tips (Part 2) - Googly Gooey Style!"
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Traveling Hermit said...
June 5, 2012 at 11:46 PM

I wanna add in particular tip:

7: Budget. Budget. Budget! Except to that bring extra pocket money. Do not rely in credit cards, buy those you really need and will last long.

9: If it's a foreign territory, bring a map with you. It is also a good idea to learn some basic language, esp. those most used conversational words used. It's a good way to start and interaction whenever you feel lost.

10: Enjoy! Leave your worries behind and focus on your travel. Additionally, when you get back, share your photos, upload it in social media or photo gallery websites. Share the world your happiness. ;)

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