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2023 National Holidays in the Philippines

1:10 AM by Metro Manila Directions · 4 comments

We've now entered the month of November, and aside from Christmas and New Year, the one thing that Filipinos look forward to are national holidays and vacations!

We counted 6 sure long weekend holidays and potentially 2 more if the government declares the sandwich-ed days as holidays!

Regular Holidays
January 1 (Sunday) – New Year’s Day
April 9 (Sunday) – Araw ng Kagitingan
April 6 – Maundy Thursday
April 7 – Good Friday
May 1 (Monday) – Labor Day
June 12 (Monday) – Independence Day
August 28 (last Monday of August) – National Heroes Day
November 30 (Thursday) – Bonifacio Day
December 25 (Monday) – Christmas Day
December 30 (Saturday) – Rizal Day

 Special Non-Working Days
February 25 (Saturday) – EDSA People Power Revolution Anniversary
April 8 – Black Saturday
August 21 (Monday) – Ninoy Aquino Day
November 1 (Wednesday) – All Saints' Day
December 8 (Friday) – Feast of the Immaculate Concepcion of Mary
December 31 (Sunday) - Last Day of the Year

Additional Special Non-Working Day
November 2 (Thursday) – All Souls' Day

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4 Responses to "2023 National Holidays in the Philippines"
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