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Metro Manila Map

10:47 AM by Metro Manila Directions · 0 comments

Metro Manila Directions brings you closer to Metro Manila via Google Maps. It's time we become aware of all attractions, destinations, and possibilities around us through the use of maps. Just by exploring Metro Manila via Google Maps, you'll be amazed at how areas we believe are so far away from each other tend to be connected to each other via an unexplored road.

Below is a map of Metro Manila with "pins" where Metro Manila Directions has directions provided, feel free to scroll and enlarge as necessary (Find the latest list of articles and directions in our index page:

View Metro Manila Directions Map in a larger map

Some tips:
1. The most basic thing to do when looking for a route to an area is to start from your origin (e.g., house, office, another exact origin, etc.) or from any area closer to the destination which you are very familiar with. This will help you orient yourself from a familiar place.
2. From your origin, continue towards major roads such as EDSA, C5, SLEX, and other avenues so you have anchors in your map. This will help you orient back whenever you are lost from finding your destination in the map.
3. Do not just remember where your destination is located. Also put in mind the landmarks around your destination so this can help you know if you are on the right track or if you are lost once you tried going to your destination for real.
4. Double clicking (or clicking the + sign on the upper left side) will zoom on the map, depending on your bandwidth speed, be patient with the speed of loading the zoomed in version of the map (it's worth it!)
5. Explore, look around, and discover what's out there in Metro Manila.

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