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Cool But Creepy: Google Tracks (and Saves) Your Location History

10:05 AM by Metro Manila Directions · 0 comments

google location history
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Do you know that Google Location History tracks your every move via your smartphone? You have to be logged into your Google account and click here to access your history; and this tracking seems to be automatic on every Android phone.

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7 Habits of the Highly Effective MRT Commuters

7:03 AM by Metro Manila Directions · 2 comments

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-- Many thanks to Cris Evert Callueng for letting us share this article!

The MRT (Metro Rail Transit) is one of the Philippines’ most convenient public transport systems. Stretching along the span of EDSA, it spares us from the long traffic, expensive cab fares, bumpy bus rides, reckless drivers, and sweltering hot jeepney rides. During rush hour, however, the MRT transforms itself into a jungle.

Here are Seven Habits that will help you endure the MRT rush hour experience.  

Habit 1: Manage Your Time Wisely While the MRT reduces travel time, commuters still need to allot a good 30 minutes to wrestle your way inside the station. Your litany begins when you see a crowd or a line gathering outside the station. Tailgate the person in front of you and do not ever let anyone else cut you in line. It would be best to have a Stored Value Ticket handy. If not, join the seemingly endless snake-like formation just before the ticket gate entrance. For round trips, buy two one-way tickets at once, to avoid going through the same experience on your return trip. Do note however that one-way tickets are only valid on the day they were bought. Lastly, do not expect that you can get in the train on the first try, or the second for that matter. Getting into a train on the first try during rush hour takes lots of practice, energy, talent and tact.

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Probably the Best Driving Ad Out There

7:00 PM by Metro Manila Directions · 0 comments

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For all drivers out there, may this be a reminder to all of you.

Pop Danthology 2013 Music Mashup!

8:41 AM by Metro Manila Directions · 0 comments

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Are you ready to say goodbye to 2013 already? Here in Metro Manila Directions, our year is not complete if we don't hear the popdanthology of 2013 songs. Here you go - looks like an awesome party song for 2013!
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